Serial Number Search

Since Wintec brightly burst onto the riding scene in 1986, our serial number process has changed many times and unfortunately there is no one way to accurately read your serial number.

Whether you want to check the age of your beloved old faithful or are looking at purchasing a saddle, your saddle’s serial number can be a handy tool to finding out more. 

Our commonly asked questions below, are a handy guide to help you to work out the age, size and technologies within some of our newer models.

Where is my saddle’s serial number?

Depending on the age of your saddle, your serial number will either be on a sewn in tag or stamped on the under-flap of your saddle.

How do I read my saddle’s serial number?

Our serial number process has changed many times and there is no one way to accurately read your own serial number. However, our newer serial numbers can be deciphered to tell you your saddle’s age, seat size and which systems your saddle features.

Seat size of your saddle

In most cases, the last two numbers will represent your saddle seat size in centimeters, this will usually be preceded by a dash, for example -44 (36 cm/14", 38 cm/15", 40 cm/16", 42 cm/16.5", 43 cm/17", 44 cm/17.5", 46 cm/18"). 

How old is my saddle?

If the first two numbers in your serial number are a 10 or higher, then the first two characters represent the year of manufacture. For example, 22 equates to 2022.

Changeable gullet v EASY-CHANGE Gullet v EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution

Most Wintec saddles feature a changeable gullet, however depending on the age this may require a specialist saddler to unstitch your saddle and change the gullet. Easy access can be identified by visible screws on the outside of your saddle near the pommel, and a large tab beneath the pommel, over the gullet area. 

If your saddle serial number begins with the 10 or higher as outlined above, then it will feature the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System. Excluding kids and western saddles.

If your saddle serial number begins with the letters WIP, or has the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution badge in the chamber or HART badge under the back of the seat, then it will feature the complete EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution which means that you can easily use the risers within your saddle. 

Does my saddle have CAIR or HART?

The technology that makes up HART has been proven to be transformative for both horse and rider and includes:

  • Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System
  • Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution
  • Ergonomic flex: Elastiflex Tree
  • Free movement: Performance panel technology
  • Superior rider performance: Comfort seat technology

Only if a saddle has all of these features, is it worthy of the HART badge.

Prior to the launch of HART, a badge with the CAIR and/or EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution or EASY-CHANGE Gullet System logos may have been affixed to your saddle, signifying the inclusion of one or more of the specific technologies that are now within HART.

If your saddle features both a CAIR and an EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution badge, then it will feature all of the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology.  

Need more information?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question using the above information, please contact our specialist product team who will be able to search our older records and get back to you with more detail.